Your Spiritual Life

We are not human beings occasionally having spiritual experiences. Rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This makes it imperative that you see life and your human experience through the eyes of your soul.


While much focus is put on the human aspects of our respective journeys, we must not neglect our spiritual sides. Unfortunately, this happens all too often and all too easily. We get so wrapped up in identifying and thinking about our human selves , and all that we consider important to our human existence, that most of the time we all but forget about our spiritual selves and our spiritual needs.


When we truly align our human and spiritual selves, we need not fear any human experiences, including death. Nor need we fear the loss of any worldly possession, including friendships, relationships and material belongings. After all, as eternal spiritual selves, we can let go of anything and everything we possess or experience in this world. Doing so does not impact our ability to spiritually continue to exist, experience and grow.


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