Your Personal Life

Life is a journey for which you are responsible for the path you take. Some people are fatalists and simply accept whatever happens to them. However, those who lead A Determined Life know and understand the necessity to push back, or to go through, around or over the obstacles they face.


The vital ingredients of A Determined Life are self respect, self definition, satisfaction determined by self, living up to personal values, and having a purpose bigger then one's self. Thus, to start the Project You Life Journey, you must start with yourself. 


Fortunately, you can embark on your own Project You Life Journey at any time, at any age and at your own pace. And while none of us can go back and start a new beginning, or change any aspect of our past lives, each of us at any time can decide to create a new direction, a new journey and a new ending for ourselves. And there is no better time than right now to do so.


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