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Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy. At we do more than just help you to protect your privacy. We make a commitment to doing so. will not share or distribute, by any means at any time, any of your personal information collected. All information provided to is kept and protected in the strictest confidence.


At no time will use your email address for the distribution of unsolicited or bulk email, advertising material, or junk email commonly referred to as spam.


Personal Information Collected

Personal information collected is limited to your name and email address. This information is never shared with individuals or third parties.


Personal Information Disclosure will never disclose your email address to anyone, at any time.


Cookies uses session cookies to collect non-personal information. We do not use cookies to store any personably identifiable information. However, if you would prefer not to accept session cookies, please turn them off in your browser.


Cookies are small files that are stored on a user's computer by the web server through the user's browser. The actual contents of the cookie information can be retrieved by the same web server to identify the computer and subsequently to customize, monitor, or regulate the use of the site based on information stored in the cookie or host server. One of the ways we use cookies is to identify computers that are being used to make visits to our web site.


Please note that if you enter our web site from another web site, the other website may use their own cookies to learn of your visit to our web site. We have no control over the use of cookies by other websites to collect information.


Visitor Information collects a variety of information about visitors to this web site, which we use for internal analytical purposes.


Every computer connected to the Internet is provided with a domain name (commonly referred to as an URL address) and an IP Address. When a visitor comes to the web site, our web servers automatically identifies and logs various data, including:


a)   your IP address

b)   the IP Address of the web site that may have referred you

c)   the product identifier of the make and version of the Internet browser you are using

d)   the operating system platform that you may be using

e)   the web page that you may have linked to us, if any


There is nothing special or sinister about collecting the above information, and the practice of collecting this data is generally consistent across all web sites.


The purpose of such data collection is to enable the owners to analyze visitor traffic and to assist us in ensuring maximum compatibility for the various browsers and operating systems that visit the web site.


Statistics on Web Site Use

Every time you visit this web site, our system collects information about your visit (this is not personal information).  Our system then monitors the following statistics:


  • Number of visitors to this web site

  • Number of visitors who return to this web site after first visit

  • Pages visited on this web site

  • Sites visitors viewed before visiting


The information is tallied by using cookies.  No personal information is included in the statistics described above. For example, while we can identify how many people visited this web site on a given day, we cannot identify their e-mail addresses or any personal data. The statistics that we collect are used to monitor how visitors access this web site so we can effectively manage our web site capacity. The statistics also help us understand which pages of this web site are visited more than other pages of the web site. By using the information, we can make ongoing improvements to this web site so it can better meet the needs of users and visitors.


Web Logs

Web logs are generated by the web server and are permanently deleted every two months. These web logs contain IP addresses and reference URLs which are used to analyze aggregate user trends and to gather aggregate demographic information only. No such information is ever associated with a particular user, email address, IP address and such information is never shared with any third party.



Terms of Use

Policy Modifications

This Privacy Policy may be modified or altered as required to accommodate for new services and features of the website.


You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Privacy Policy, as well as any additional terms or conditions as posted on the website.


Your continued use of the web site and services constitutes your acceptance and agreement with to all such terms, conditions, and notices of this Privacy Policy.