We are pleased to share with you some of the published reviews received for Project You: Living A Determined Life.  

Project You Is a MUST READ!


How often are people not content with their lives whether it be work, home, or health problems? Everyone wants a satisfying life but we don't always know how to do it. Project You Living A Determined Life is a motivating yet amusing book discussing a concept of healthy living for the whole person. Whether you feel content in your life or not, take a few moments to read my review on Project You, and learn more about the concept.



Project You is HIGHLY RATED on Amazon!


Here are what some of our readers say...


"it is the sincerity and commitment to guide us that makes these encouraging directions more attainable."


"I’ve read many books with a similar objective, but this one is by far, the most comprehensive."


"What an absolute gift! It came at the perfect time for me, a personal and professional life junction. you can read it straight through as a road map, or you can pick up bits here and there for inspiration and refocusing. I found it inspirational, but at the same time practical"


"Encouraging, Relatable, and Moving"


"There are many anecdotes that no doubt will give readers a laugh. The text is also down to Earth and relatable to every human being, as we all seek happiness and fulfillment in our lives. The eloquence of the words had me reflecting on my own life, and how can I improve the various aspects outlined in the book. Project You isn't simply a book or fad, it's a way of life, improving upon what you already have. Whether someone feels satisfied in their life or not Project You is a life changer."


" What makes this particular book unique is its breadth of scope."


"This book is a commentary and quotes that invoke, inspire and force deeper reflection. This is a work that I will return to often as I continue to create and discover myself. The 21 project you life rules at the end a great manifesto for living a determined life."


"An awesome book!"


"Project You: Living a Determined Life is a wonderful guide for anyone who is searching for help in bringing more serenity and focus into their life. It is written in an easy to follow format and it provides the motivation to get one's priorities and goals in alignment in order to achieve balance in all areas."