Resources by Project You

These are some of the images and videos that you will find in Project You. We are putting them here so that they can be used as a reference and guide to our everyday lives. 

Do Not Be Part Of The Statistics!

Running Time: 1:34 min

For every 10 people, 6 are unhappy with their personal lives. Out of 10 families, 4 are broken. Out of every 10 people, 7 are fat or unhealthy. The statistics goes on and reads grim. But we do NOT need to be part of these statistics!


We have a choice... we can Live A Determined Life!

What Do They All Have In Common?

Running Time: 1:39 min

Fauja Singh, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Ian Berry, Jaime Escalante and Gandhi. What do they all have in common? Answer is... They all lived a Determined Life. And we can too!


"It's time to start living the life you've imagined" - Henry James.

The 7 Key Elements of Life

Running Time: 1:23 min

Success in Living A Determined Life comes mostly through developing a deeper self understanding and honing one's "inner talk" skills to better control and leverage the conversations we hold with ourselves.


People on a Project You Life Journey are fully dedicated to a process of actualizing their full human potential as a means of fulfilling their spiritual needs and enabling their souls to maximize their human experience across 7 key elements of life: personal life, professional life, family life, mental and emotional life, health and fitness life, spiritual life, and their interconnected life.

The Project You Life Journey

Running Time: 1:33 min

So, if someone asked you today "what are you doing with your life?" how would you respond?


The Project You Life Journey is about looking inward and asking critical and illuminating questions of yourself. These questions will open an array of possibilities and surface an abundance of desires within you that may be currently hidden. 

It will be these deeper convictions that will help you define the Determined Life that defines your life's purpose and resonates with both your spirit and ego. With answers to these questions in hand, you are prepared to start charting your Determined Life Journey.

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