The Project You Life

To Live A Determined Life is to focus on an inner life devoted and driven on a journey of self development, not only for personal and selfish reasons but to advance the progress of both humanity and the infinite universe. Hidden and concealed within each of us is the nucleus of a greater and advanced self, one that gets realized and formed through the living of A Determined Life



The Seven Key Elements of Life

Success in Living A Determined Life comes mostly through developing a deeper self understanding and honing one's "inner talk" skills to better control and leverage the conversations we hold with ourselves. People on a Project You Life Journey are fully dedicated to a process of actualizing their full human potential as a means of fulfilling their spiritual needs and enabling their souls to maximize their human experience across seven key elements of life: personal life, professional life, family life, mental and emotional life, health and fitness life, spiritual life, and their interconnected life.

Your Personal Life


Your personal life is the focal point and center for all your other lives (professional, family, physical, emotional, and spiritual).. As a spiritual being living a temporary and transient human experience, every facet of your life is interconnected and impacts each other life element.


Your Professional Life


Success in your professional life means enjoying what you do, being productive, and doing something meaningful. Since most people spend the vast majority of their waking hours either working or thinking about work, having these three components in place will certainly enhance the chances of developing a successful and satisfying work career.

Your Family Life


Families need to be cultivated, and this takes time, effort, imagination, and commitment. This commitment includes the commitment to try, to act, to overcome hurdles and blips encountered on the way no matter what. 

Your Health & Fitness Life


A healthy and fit life is one that not only encompasses getting fit (and staying fit), and eating a nutricious and balanced diet, but also one that includes proactive stress relief management and memory fitness. 

Your Mental & Emotional Life


Maintaining a positive, optimistic viewpoint boosts energy levels, creates higher levels of focus and concentration, improves you chances of reaching a set goal, and prevents health problems from occuring. This is obviously a better route than wallowing in pessimism and depression from the setbacks and hurdles thrown at you. 

Your Spiritual Life


The soul is an experience, not a thing. It is here on this planet to have a human experience, which takes place in the consciousness of the soul. This is why we refer to having soul mates. Your life's purpose has two components -- humanistic and spiritual. Sometimes these are aligned and sometimes they are in batle with one another for your focus and commitment. 

Your Interconnected Life


As spiritual beings occupying temporary vessels of the human form, we are connected to the whole of humanity on three distinct levels: human, spiritual and universe. Unfortunately, too many of us neither see this nor understand it. 

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