Your life story is yours to write, edit, direct, and produce, in line with your personal values. If you haven't been doing so previously and continuously, now is the time for you to chart your path, set your personal goals and define the intended outcomes you seek.


As Plato astutely observed over 2000 years ago, "the unexamined life is not worth living."


The wide range of quotations found within Project You: Words of Wisdom have been selected to help you examine your life experiences and to aid in charting a future path that will bring your life's purpose into clearer focus and attainment. For most, this journey to Living A Determined Life is far more important, and rewarding, than any final or intermediate destination.


Living A Determined Life is an opportunity to continuously examine your life in an on-going manner that helps you build and journey on a path that mentally, emotionally and spiritually aligns with your life's purpose.


Project You: Words of Wisdom provides an overview of the Project You Life Journey and how you can positively impact and grow seven key elements of your life:


Your Personal Life

Your Professional Life

Your Family Life

Your Health and Fitness Life

Your Mental and Emotional Life

Your Spiritual Life

Your Interconnected Life


As always, this process starts (and ends) with you. The Project You Life Journey is about looking inward and asking two critical and illuminating questions of yourself:


What am I doing with the rest of my life?

What can I do to ensure the world will be better off after me?


So, if someone asked you today "what are you doing with your life?" how would you respond?


Project You: Words of Wisdom will help you answer these questions for yourself.

Project You:

Words Of Wisdom

"What an absolute gift! The Project You Life Journey came at the perfect time for me, at one of those personal and professional life junctions...The book is filled with inspirational quotes from international writers and philosophers. You can read it straight through as a road map, or you can pick up bits here and there for inspiration and refocusing. I found it inspirational, but at the same time practical, and look forward to sharing it with friends and family." - Elise Pleterski (USA)

"Really interesting reading. Reminds me of the many inner conversations I had with myself trying to figure out the where, who and what when I wanted a new direction in my life." - Dianne Tetreault (USA)

"Definitely gives a new perspective, and encourages one to think, to move on, to be positive, etc…and not to stagnate" - Jenny Goh (Australia)


Here's what some people say about the Project You: Living A Determined Life

"Could very well be the best investment one can make for themselves and their loved ones. The perfect gift!" - Valerie Chan (Singapore)


"The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us." - Marianne Williamson