The Project You Life Journey

Your story is yours to write, edit, direct, and produce, in line with your personal values. If you haven't been doing so previously and continuously, now is the time for you to chart your path, set your personal goals and define the intended outcomes you seek.


As always, this process starts (and ends) with you. The Project You Life Journey is about looking inward and asking two critical and illuminating questions of yourself:


What am I doing with the rest of my life?


What can I do to ensure the world will be better off after me?


So, if someone asked you today "what are you doing with your life?" how would you respond?


These two questions will open an array of possibilities and surface an abundance of desires within you that may be currently hidden. Brainstorming a list of answers to these two questions is often like discovering an iceberg with your name blazoned across a flag flying atop it. You will rapidly record the top-of-mind things that your ego wants and wishes for, but through further contemplation and reflection you will slowly and steadily uncover the deeper, inner desires of your spirit.


It will be these deeper convictions that will help you define the Determined Life that defines your life's purpose and resonates with both your spirit and ego. With answers to these two questions in hand, you are prepared to start charting your Determined Life Journey.


Seriously working on these two questions will widen and deepen your relationship with yourself, which in turn will widen and deepen your relationships with everyone else. Similarly, this process will lead you to a deeper and greater understanding of yourself, and likewise will deepen and greatly improve your understanding of others.


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Unleash Yourself!