Project You: Fitness

Words Of Wisdom

"The first wealth is health."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

As obesity levels continue to climb, and stress levels continue to escalate across the globe, there is an old Irish saying that is very apt for today's world: "No time for your health today; no health for your time tomorrow."


As a human race, we are rapidly eating our way into a global state of unhealthiness. In fact, we have now reached the point where in some countries there are more people dying from causes related to overeating than there are deaths attributed to malnutrition.


When most people talk about getting fit or into shape, this is really a euphemism for losing weight.


But from a Project You Life Journey perspective, you want to create a more holistic definition for being fit, encapsulating stamina, energy levels, flexibility, bone strength, muscle tonality, and even mental fitness.


Truly creating a healthy and fit life, and remaining there, not only results in you feeling physically better, but also brings the benefits of reducing your stress levels and alleviating or minimizing the pains you feel as you age.


Our whole thinking about our system of healthcare needs to change. Medicine is not healthcare - food is healthcare. Medicine is sick care.


As soon as you incorporate this thinking into your individual life, your whole approach to eating will fundamentally change. Healthy eating is as pleasurable and fun as unhealthy eating, with better long-term consequences and benefits.


The wide range of quotations found within this book have been selected to help keep you motivated along your journey, and especially to help you keep going when you feel tired, down and out, or just plain unmotivated.


Project You: Fitness Words of Wisdom aims to inspire you from inaction to action, and to motivate you to turn initial actions into life-long habits that will help in building and maintaining the highest level of personal fitness you can.

"What an absolute gift! The Project You Life Journey came at the perfect time for me, at one of those personal and professional life junctions...The book is filled with inspirational quotes from international writers and philosophers. You can read it straight through as a road map, or you can pick up bits here and there for inspiration and refocusing. I found it inspirational, but at the same time practical, and look forward to sharing it with friends and family." - Elise Pleterski (USA)

"Really interesting reading. Reminds me of the many inner conversations I had with myself trying to figure out the where, who and what when I wanted a new direction in my life." - Dianne Tetreault (USA)

"Definitely gives a new perspective, and encourages one to think, to move on, to be positive, etc…and not to stagnate" - Jenny Goh (Australia)


Here's what some people say about the Project You: Living A Determined Life

"Could very well be the best investment one can make for themselves and their loved ones. The perfect gift!" - Valerie Chan (Singapore)