Project You: Living A Determined Life


Project You places a focus on continuous improvement, rather than attaining short-term goals or changes in one's life. In this book, you will discover:


- The 7 Key Elements of Life

- Keys to A Determined Life

- The Project You Life Journey

- Purpose Bigger Than Self


Additionally, one of the core philosophies of Project You is that authentic satisfaction and happiness with one's self comes from living to grow yourself and others around you. Project You enables individuals to make self improvements and implement self development in a step-by-step fashion, applying the Japanese concept of kaizen to one's self and loved ones. 

Project You: Words Of Wisdom


This book aims to help you chart your Determined Life path and help you grow personally and spiritually throughout your personal Project You Life Journey. This book provides an overview of the Project You Life Journey and how you can positively impact and grow seven key elements of your life:


- Your Personal Life

- Your Professional Life

- Your Family Life

- Your Health and Fitness Life

- Your Mental and Emotional Life

- Your Spiritual Life

- Your Interconnected Life

Project You: Fitness Words Of Wisdom


Inspiration is required to spark any chain reaction that leads to the start of new habits.


As your Health and Fitness Life is the physical aspect of life’s seven key elements, motivation is required to continually do what needs to be done in order to produce the results that you want in life. Without a healthy body, you will simply not be able to achieve all that you want to achieve. Your mind may be willing, but if your body is not fit or you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle, then achieving what you want to accomplish in life becomes a harder struggle.


This book is designed to inspire and help you take the initial steps towards a “Fitter New You”. When embarking on any new fitness program, it is best to tackle this as a working project ─ complete with goals, deadlines, an overall strategy, animplementation plan, and a way of measuring your results.

Project You takes a holistic approach to personal development covering all aspects of life. This is a unique concept that combines motivational messages and quotes with practical tips, techniques and tools.

Project You Series

Project You: Words Of Wisdom Series

Ideas and Motivational Quotes for Living A Determined Life

Project You: Forgiveness Words Of Wisdom


We believe there is not enough forgiveness in the world. And we are not alone in our thinking. In a global survey on forgiveness conducted by Project You in the fall of 2016, 85% of the respondents agreed that there is not enough forgiveness in the world today.

It is little wonder that Marianne Williamson says, “The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” 


  • Practice forgiveness and you will find a higher level of inner peace and happiness. 

  • Practice forgiveness and you will increase your ability to love on all fronts. 

  • Practice forgiveness and you will become a better individual, partner, friend, parent, and even co-worker. 


The ideas, techniques, and quotes in Project You: Forgiveness Words of Wisdom will assist you on your own journey to inner peace through forgiveness and to your own ability to Live A Determined Life.