Make 2017 A Personal Year of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things we do as humans. But it is also one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves.

We believe there is not enough forgiveness in the world. And we are not alone in our thinking. In the 2016 Project You Global Survey on Forgiveness, 85% of the respondents agreed that there is not enough forgiveness in the world today. These respondents came from 18 different nationalities spread around the world.

It is obvious that there is too much anger, fury, and antagonism in today’s world. We all witnessed last year’s Brexit spats and the elongated, mind-blowing tonality of the U.S. election. Numerous research studies are also documenting a growing increase in incivility in the workplace around the globe.

This needs to stop.

So Project You is calling on everyone to pause, reflect, and make 2017 a Personal Year of Forgiveness.

We want to start local, national, and global dialogues on forgiveness. We want organizational leaders to create workplace cultures where forgiveness is the norm. We would even like to see forgiveness become a key theme and topic in our schools at various grade levels.

We want to encourage acts of forgiveness at the family, workplace, and national levels.

Through our books, our blog, and a series of events we are planning, Project You is dedicated this year to helping people become more conscious of the power of forgiveness and more aware of the numerous benefits of living a forgiving life.

Here’s why:

  • Practice forgiveness and you will find a higher level of inner peace and happiness.

  • Practice forgiveness and you will increase your ability to love on all fronts.

  • Practice forgiveness and you will become a better individual, partner, friend, parent, and even co-worker.


What can you do?

Start by reading about the numerous benefits of forgiveness. Learn and practice the forgiveness techniques that have helped others. Choose one person to forgive before the end of the month and prepare a plan for how you will convey forgiveness. 

As Marianne Williamson wrote, “The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” 

There are many parts of our world that need healing today. Let us each take the steps of forgiveness that will create progress in this healing. It starts with each and every one of us.

Forgive. Let go. Move on.

May this become your personal mantra of forgiveness in 2017 and beyond.