Your Interconnected Life

Ever see a picture of earth taken from outer space? Did you see any borders? Of course not, because all borders are man-made creations.


It's one planet. With one people. 

Being artifically separated by political borders, religious boundaries and ethic divisions, humans today are constantly at war with each other and inside themselves. Being alienated and estranged from our fellow human beings is causing a sickness across humanity, a form of cancer attacking the human race. The cure is obvious: put an end to these artificial and man-made barriers and return to a foundational concept of all mankind being equal and interconnected (as in the African Bantu language concept of Ubuntu). 


Not surprisingly, those on a personal Project You Life Journey tend to connect with others on both the human and spiritual levels. When you see others with and through the eyes of your soul, you start to overlook and ignore their human ways and errors, as well as their irritating tendencies. They are, after all, human. Just like you. 


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