"In union there is strength" - Aesop


In any literary endeavor, there are numerous people behind the scenes who help authors and editors bring a book idea into a published format that readers will enjoy.


The Editors of Project You: Living A Determined Life would like to express our sincere thanks to:


Catherine Ball and Evelyn Toh for creating the Project You logo, all the wonderful icons and graphic elements depicted in this book and on the Project You website. Joe Sim for kick-starting the initial design process. CY for helping us out with the design when we needed him most!


Our dedicated core team of proofreaders and draft reviewers, whose inputs were truly valuable:  Deirdre Ball, Dorian Ball, Illka Gobius, Mary Lynch, Elise Pleterski, Dianne Tetreault, Joanna Ash, Shirley Doray and Jenny Goh.


Deirdre Ball and Melvin Tan, our two advisors, who shared our enthusiasm for the Project You concept from the very initial time it was exposed to them.


All family members and friends who continuously kept our passion for Project You aflame and who constantly gave us encouragement to keep going over, under and through the various hurdles that came our way.


Thank you one and all for your personal and collective contributions.


If you like to get in contact with any members of our wonderful team, please feel free to connect with us


Lastly, we would like to thank our readers who recommend Project You: Living A Determined Life to their friends, colleagues and families. 


Wishing everyone continued success,


The Editors

Project You: Living A Determined Life