About Project You

The hope for a better world, and a richer human experience for more of humanity, lies in the personal development and growth of each individual.


Perhaps our greatest need as a human race is the personal advancement and enlightenment of each individual….not to create seven billion individuals competing fiercely with one another, but to create a greater understanding of the connectedness of all humanity and all that lives on planet Earth. This can be achieved through universal self empowerment combined with spiritual connections between all living things.


Project You encompasses a family of closely related and integrated books and products to help individuals create their own paths and personal journeys on the road to creating and Living A Determined Life. 


Project You takes a holistic approach to personal development covering all aspects of life. This is a unique concept that combines motivational messages and quotes with practical tips, techniques and tools. 


Project You places a focus on continuous improvement, rather than attaining short-term goals or changes in one's life. Additionally, one of the core philosophies of Project You is that authentic satisfaction and happiness with one's self comes from living to grow yourself and others around you. Project You enables individuals to make self improvements and implement self development in a step-by-step fashion, applying the Japanese concept of kaizen to one's self and loved ones. 


The Project You books, products and website will provide you with tools and proven steps to renovate and renew any aspect of your life. 


You will also find a section of Determined Life Stories about people around the world who have lived or are living determined lives. 


In the near future you will find a community of like-minded people at the Project You Life website sharing ideas, stories, tips and best practices on how they have started to create and lead their own determined lives.


We are also proud that we have been awarded the Indie Book of the day Award for Project You: Living A Determined Life

Also see our sister website Living A Determined Life for tools and tips on successfully implementing personal change.

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