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Your Guide to Achieving Authentic Success

The Project You Life Journey is a continuous journey of self discovery and self actualization for those wishing to create and lead A Determined LifeThis is a journey of self discovery, self understanding and self satisfaction that creates authentic happiness through the living of one's own values.

Here's what some readers say about the book... 


"What an absolute gift! The Project You Life Journey came at the perfect time for me, at one of those personal and professional life junctions..."


You can read it straight through as a road map, or you can pick up bits here and there for inspiration and refocusing." - Elise Pleterski (USA)


"Definitely gives a new perspective, and encourages one to think, to move on, to be positive, etc…and not to stagnate" - Jenny Goh (Australia)


"Reminds me of the many inner conversations I had with myself trying to figure out the where, who and what when I wanted a new direction in my life." - Dianne Tetreault (USA)


"I’ve read many books with a similar objective, but this one is by far, the most comprehensive." - Karma (from 


"What makes this particular one unique is its breadth of scope. It’s strength is its view of the big picture." - Brian (from


"it is the sincerity and commitment to guide us that makes these encouraging directions more attainable." - Grady Harp (USA)

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